Folding double ring smartphone stand

৳ 590 ৳ 790

ঢাকায় ডেলিভারি খরচ ৳ 60.00
ঢাকার বাইরের কুরিয়ার খরচ ৳ 130.00
Description: Built-in double-ring mobile phone bracket, which can be adjusted from multiple angles and can fix the vertical inclination angle of mobile phone at will. The bottom can be rotated, and both horizontal and vertical screens can be used. Stable paste, strong adsorption of high viscosity acrylic adhesive, can bear 3-5KG without falling off, and stick firmly for a long time. Creative double-ring structure, only 0.35mm thick, does not affect the hand feeling of mobile phones. Upgrade the magnetic attraction function and add magnetic attraction materials, which can be used with all magnetic attraction vehicle supports. The double-ring structure can also cook while watching the drama. Specifications: Specifications: Name: Ultra-thin folding double-ring mobile phone bracket Material: zinc alloy Function: live broadcast bracket, mobile phone bracket, vehicle bracket Style: exquisite, small and simple Weight: 35g Applicable models: compatible with all kinds of mobile phones and tablets

Applicable environment: home, car, office and entertainment