8.5” LCD Writing Tablet

৳ 630 ৳ 750

ঢাকায় ডেলিভারি খরচ ৳ 60.00
ঢাকার বাইরের কুরিয়ার খরচ ৳ 130.00

8.5” LCD Writing Tablet Handwriting Drawing Pad

আপনার সন্তানকে সুন্দর ও স্পস্ট হাতের লেখা শিখাতে অর্ডার করুন  SobarPonno  এর "8.5' LCD Writing Tablet for Kids" এছাড়াও হাতের লেখার পাশাপাশি আদরের সোনামনিরা ড্রইং করাও শিখতে পারবে এবং সহজেই রিমুভ করতে পারবে এই ডিজিটাল ট্যাব এর মাধ্যমে।
  • Screen Size: 8.5 Inches
  • Weight: Net 114 g
  • Age: 2+ years
  • Body Dimension: 146 MM* 226 MM* 5.6 MM
  • Material: LCD & ABS
  • Panel: Flexible LCD panel
  • Battery Model: CR2025
  • Made in: China
  Benefits: This stimulating toy ensures entertainment, confidence, strong, self-esteemed, and happy early childhood for your baby. It will unlock imagination & creativity, develop hand-eye coordination & concentration, and keep your baby engage.  Play is an important part of the development of a child’s cognitive/ intellectual skills and learning which will shape your baby’s bright and successful future.  


Playing with toys is the first opportunity a child has to explore and interact with the world on their own terms, experience a wide variety of psychological benefits. Research shows playing with a toy is an important part of a child’s development since massive psychological development happens during early childhood.
  • Good for Writing, Arithmetic, Spelling, and Drawing practice.
  • 5 inches of the writing area
  • Environmental-Friendly and Economic alternative to traditional paper. Erase your image and text with Erase Button.
  • Eco- friendly and green, also save money.
  • A good companion for children in Daily Life and Study
  • Let children explore their unlimited creativity wherever they are, at home or in the car or in traveling
  • 5 inches of the writing area
  • A pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface makes your writing or drawing appear without any delay.
  • Eco- friendly and green, also save money.
  • Write or draw with any other suitable instrument, even by finger
  • High efficiency, erase drawing just by a touch of the erase button.
  • Ultra-slim, lightweight, and compact design, easy to carry, and can be easily slid into your briefcase, backpack, or other bags.
  • Use the plastic pen or any other kind of small, plastic material, to write or draw on the board.
  • It’s the best gift for your kids
  • Increase interest in writing and learning
  • Erase Button; press the button to delete the content of writing and drawing
  • If you are unable to erase it; please replace the cell
  • Screen Lock; Please switch on before use
  • Switch off during standby and incase of not clear up
  • Cell Box; When replacing the cell can be pulled out in the direction of the arrow
  • Pen; Use the pen in the direction of the arrow is pulled out
  • Avoid abrupt change of temperature
  • Suitable temperature range: minus 5 degrees to 40 degree
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, dust, and humidity
  • Don’t allow to dip or soak in any liquid
  • Avoid using a sharp or sticky item to contact the surface of the screen to prevent damage
  • Avoid the intense impact of vertical dropping on the ground or on any other object
  • Please use soft fabrics to wipe surface and screen
  • Please don’t disassemble the product; it may damage the product
  • Don’t use unsafe and mismatching battery when run out of power
  • Please check the cleanliness of this board before giving it to the baby’s hand
  • Don’t give the board to your baby if found broken.