About Us

What started handy, with a simple discount shop and the general idea of selling more for less, has raised over the last 50 years into the greatest retailer in the world. Each week, on an average 220 million members and customers visit near about 10,500 stores and shops, and eCommerce websites. RimzimBd continues to be a pioneer in sustainability, and employment scope. It’s all segment of our steady vow to creating opportunities and bringing grade to customers and communities in Bangladesh and around the world. RimzimBD is the global marketplace for sole, generative, and creative goods. It’s home to all type of items with extraordinary items, from vintage treasures pieces to unique handcrafted. During the growing automation, it’s our challenge to keep human bond at the heart of commerce. That’s why we tooled a place where creativity thrives and lives because it’s powered by people. We assist our community of sellers change their ideas into fruitful businesses. HelloPonno connects them with millions of consumers looking for a choice - something exceptional with a human touch, for those situations in life that fit imagination.As a company, we fight to lead with our guiding ethics and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose power can reach long beyond our own business.